Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Cycles of a Pundit- Audio Snag Begins!

Cycles throb through music scenes like every other attempt to reinvent ourselves as we slowly become the replicas of our parents. The succession of NYC rock in the past 5 years have decidedly radiated from two distinct pasts; one a mishmash of the 70’s, forcing folk sincerity, glam rock stardust and caveman beat drones into something that sounds uncomfortably more like disco with each song (I would say album but it is impolite to speak of the dead…or dying…or zombified?) The other pours in from the sun drenched surf rock of the 60’s, occasionally dropping some acid or popping medications for that psychedelic/stay-up-late to finish midterms disorientation. But in each case, it almost seems as though a regression occurred that makes you wonder- why don’t I just pick up the list of bands my mom gave me when I was 16 and skip interpretations of great rock music? I’ve heard, from stories of yesteryear, that this kind of music has happened before; why not go to the source and skip the pretentious guise of creativity?
About a year ago I left New York and all its annoying circles for a volunteering gig in Ukraine. The music I’m currently wading in revolves around Ukrainian and Russian dance pop, its circles making repetitious synthesizing and bass-beating the soundtrack to the new life I’m trying to make sense of in the former Soviet Union. I didn’t know what to expect from music here in Eastern Europe. Now that I’ve been here a while, I miss the surrounding warmth of NYC’s musical prospects. Enter Audio Snag: This blog will help me attach myself to the music of New York that I only one paragraph ago commented on with slight disdain. Because at this point anything might be better than bus rides and supermarket visits filled with dub step and bad American pop music from the 80’s and 90’s. The grass might not be necessarily greener in NY, but at least a lot less people listen to the Scorpions there.
As most of my music-going at home worked in completely arbitrary ways (close your eyes and point to a show in The Voice, answer the FB invite of some random band, etc.) so will Audio Snag. Out of necessity, each review will be randomly selected from online music or personal sources that keep me connected to the NYC music scene. If you are interested in being one of those sources, or just have a suggestion for the blog, contact me at werestilllistening@gmail.com and we can talk!
Thanks for reading and here's hoping that Audio Snag stays off my pile entitled 'Taking up interweb space with empty blogs in an attempt to reconfirm my lack of stick-to-it-ivenss.'

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